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Support AHTC!

We love brining you live theater!

We take pride in the high quality performances we get to bring to you on City Island!

But we can't do it without you.

Whether you're a theater lover who contributes financially or with your time,

or you choose to advertise your business with us,

we deeply appreciate your support of live theater here on City Island.

Advertise with us

      All Hands Theatre Co. is City Island's newest semi-professional theatre company, bringing a high caliber of relevant and engaging works to the East Bronx. Located within Cinema on the Sound at 270 City Island Avenue, AHTC transforms a downtown storefront into an intimate theatrical experience.


      AHTC’s production in August 2022 drew nearly sold out audiences for each performance during the single weekend run. Since then, we've expanded our performance runs to cover multiple weekends, so your advertisement would have a potential outreach of over 200 locals and visitors to City Island attending our show.

Current Program Ad Rates
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For more information or to purchase your advertisement, please email

or call 860.488.0287.

Individual Giving

Creating live theater is labor intensive and often expensive.

Beyond the lights and the sets, your generous financial support will help to secure our venue, performance rights, and rehearsal spaces. It will allow us to feed a hungry cast and crew during late night rehearsals. We'll be able to provide travel and accommodations for our visiting artists.

We're proud to be able to produce excellent theater on any budget, but with your support we can continue to expand on the quality of experiences for our audiences. 

Levels of Giving
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Give securely online:

 To learn how to pledge your support with cash or check,

please email

or call 860.488.0287.

Thanks for submitting!

Get Involved

Do you have a background in theater? 

Or maybe you don't, but you'd still like to get involved? 

We'd love to hear from you!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you'd like to bring to All Hands Theatre Co.!

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